Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions, but feel free to contact us if you need additional information. One of our patient coordinators will be happy to assist you.

Q. Where do the Surgeons at Associated Hand Surgeons operate?

A. The physician members of Associated Hand Surgeons have privileges at all the hospitals in the Santa Barbara area. The majority of the surgery is done at De La Vina Surgery Center which is an outpatient facility. This allows for highly personalized care in a pleasant and efficient outpatient surgery setting.

Q. What Kind of anesthesia is used?
A. The majority of the hand surgery performed by members of Associated Hand Surgeons is performed with regional anesthesia. This means that most patients requiring hand surgery do not have to be put to sleep and undergo a general anesthetic. In some cases general anesthesia is required, but in many cases this can be avoided. Regional IV block anesthesia is the most common type of anesthesia used for hand surgery procedures.

Q. When can I go back to work?
A. The length of time for recuperation after hand surgery varies depending on the procedure performed. We at Associated Hand Surgeons are committed to individualized care for the patient. We will be happy to discuss return to work issues with you prior to your surgery or any other care that you receive. Most of our procedures allow patients to return to work fairly soon following surgery, but the final decision depends on the type of surgery performed and the type of work that the patient will be returning to.

Q. When can I begin to exercise after surgery?
A. All patients are encouraged to be active and mobile and walking the day of surgery. Most patients can return to some level of more vigorous physical activity within 24 hours after surgery. We will be happy to discuss the details of your situation with you individually prior to any surgical procedures being performed.